Selected Entrepreneurial Activities

CardioMEMS is commercializing wireless MEMS-based pressure sensing technology for use inside of the human body.

CardioMEMS recently completed a major investment and acquisition with St. Jude Medical.

Axion Biosystems is commercializing MEMS-based multielectrode array (MEA) technology, coupled with advanced signal processing circuitry, for in-vitro measurement of neural systems.

Redeon, acquired by Biovalve in 2001, was a microneedle company commercializing microfabrication-based approaches to transdermal drug delivery.

Both CardioMEMS and Redeon are graduates of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). Axion Biosystems is a current member of ATDC. Some economic development activities of our laboratory have been funded by the ATDC, the Georgia Research Alliance, and EmTech Bio.

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