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  • coming soon...
  • June 5-9 2016

    Hilton Head Workshop 2016

    Dr. Mark G. Allen will serve the workshop as General Chair.

    Eight (8) student and postdoc MSMA group members will attend, and three (3) papers will be presented.

    Members: Min Soo Kim (oral), Wen Shen (oral), Tao Zhang (poster), JK Kim, Akshay Ananthakrishnan, Lin Du, Mike Synodis, Chenpeng Huang

    Hilton Head, SC, USA

  • January 2016

    Dr. Mark G. Allen is awarded the IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award for outstanding contributions to emerging technologies within recent years; the award is sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation. The award will be presented at MEMS 2016.

    Dr. Mark G. Allen, Alfred Fitler Moore Professor, Departments of Electrical and Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Scientific Director for the Singh Center for Nanotechnology

    University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • October 27, 2015 (Tuesday)

    Singh Center 2015 Annual User Meeting, the first annual user meeting for Singh Center users

    Venue: Singh Center for Nanotechnology, University of Pennsylvania; 3205 Walnut Street; Philadelphia, PA 19104


  • October 24-25, 2014 (Friday-Saturday)

    MSMA 25th Anniversary Workshop

    Venue: Singh Center for Nanotechnology, University of Pennsylvania; 3205 Walnut Street; Philadelphia, PA 19104

    Click here for program

  • January 2013

    Mark, Melissa and Minsoo attended the MEMS 2013 conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

    • M. Kim, F. Herrault, J. Kim, J.K. Kim, and M.G. Allen, "Monolithically-fabricated laminated inductors with electrodeposited silver windings"
    • M. Tsang, F. Herrault, R.H. Shafer, and M.G. Allen, "Methods for the microfabrication of magnesium"

  • December 2012

    This year, Mark co-chaired the PowerMEMS 2012 conference in Atlanta. Many of the MSMA students contributed.

  • July 2012

    Visit the new Center for MEMS and Microsystems Technologies (CMMT) website.

  • June, 2012

    Hilton Head 2012 Workshop: Andac, Chao, Jooncheol, Minsoo, Mengdi, Melissa, Jungkwun, Seung-Joon, Florian, and Mark attended this year's conference. Three papers were being presented.

    • J.K. Kim, S.J. Paik, F. Herrault, and M.G. Allen, "UV-LED lithography for 3-D high aspect ratio microstructure patterning"
    • M. Luo, C. Song, F. Herrault, and M.G. Allen, "A microfabricated RF wireless pressure sensor made completely of biodegradable materials" (oral presentation)
    • S.J. Paik, S. Park, V. Zamitsyn, S. Choi, X. Guo, M. Prausnitz, and M.G. Allen, "A highly dense nanoneedle array for intracellular gene delivery"
    There was a large representation from Georgia Tech (see photo). Mark will be the Technical Program Chair in 2014, so mark it on your calendars!

  • May 2012

    Brock presented his work at the Intermag 2012 conference in Vancouver, Canada.

    • B.A. Peterson, F. Herrault, O.D. Oniku, Z.A. Kaufman, D.P. Arnold, and M.G. Allen, "Assessment of laser-induced damage in laser-micromachined rare-earth permanent magnets at the sub-millimeter scale" (oral presentation)

  • February 2012

    Florian and Mark attended the annual ARPA-E energy innovation summit in Washington DC. During the technology showcase, we got a chance to present our nanolaminated magnetic core technology for on-chip power supplies.

  • January, 2012

    Xuehong (Shannon) attended and presented her work at the MEMS 2012 conference in Paris, France.

    • X. Yu, M.S. Kim, F. Herrault, C.-H. Ji, J.K. Kim, and M.G. Allen, "Silicon-embedded 3D toroidal air-core inductor with through-wafer interconnect for on-chip integration"
    • F. Herrault, P.A. Hidalgo, C.-H. Ji, A. Glezer, and M.G. Allen, "Cooling performance of micromachined self-oscillating reed actuators in heat transfer channels with integrated diagnostics"