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  • April 2013

    Interview with an Alumnus - Swaminathan Rajaraman

    Through our "Interview with an Alumnus" series, we are catching up with former group members. Our first guest is Swami. Check out his interview.

  • January 2013

    Mark, Melissa and Minsoo attended the MEMS 2013 conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

    • M. Kim, F. Herrault, J. Kim, J.K. Kim, and M.G. Allen, "Monolithically-fabricated laminated inductors with electrodeposited silver windings"
    • M. Tsang, F. Herrault, R.H. Shafer, and M.G. Allen, "Methods for the microfabrication of magnesium"

  • December 2012

    This year, Mark co-chaired the PowerMEMS 2012 conference in Atlanta. Many of the MSMA students contributed.

  • July 2012

    Visit the new Center for MEMS and Microsystems Technologies (CMMT) website.

  • June, 2012

    Hilton Head 2012 Workshop: Andac, Chao, Jooncheol, Minsoo, Mengdi, Melissa, Jungkwun, Seung-Joon, Florian, and Mark attended this year's conference. Three papers were being presented.

    • J.K. Kim, S.J. Paik, F. Herrault, and M.G. Allen, "UV-LED lithography for 3-D high aspect ratio microstructure patterning"
    • M. Luo, C. Song, F. Herrault, and M.G. Allen, "A microfabricated RF wireless pressure sensor made completely of biodegradable materials" (oral presentation)
    • S.J. Paik, S. Park, V. Zamitsyn, S. Choi, X. Guo, M. Prausnitz, and M.G. Allen, "A highly dense nanoneedle array for intracellular gene delivery"
    There was a large representation from Georgia Tech (see photo). Mark will be the Technical Program Chair in 2014, so mark it on your calendars!

  • May 2012

    Brock presented his work at the Intermag 2012 conference in Vancouver, Canada.

    • B.A. Peterson, F. Herrault, O.D. Oniku, Z.A. Kaufman, D.P. Arnold, and M.G. Allen, "Assessment of laser-induced damage in laser-micromachined rare-earth permanent magnets at the sub-millimeter scale" (oral presentation)

  • February 2012

    Florian and Mark attended the annual ARPA-E energy innovation summit in Washington DC. During the technology showcase, we got a chance to present our nanolaminated magnetic core technology for on-chip power supplies.

  • January, 2012

    Xuehong (Shannon) attended and presented her work at the MEMS 2012 conference in Paris, France.

    • X. Yu, M.S. Kim, F. Herrault, C.-H. Ji, J.K. Kim, and M.G. Allen, "Silicon-embedded 3D toroidal air-core inductor with through-wafer interconnect for on-chip integration"
    • F. Herrault, P.A. Hidalgo, C.-H. Ji, A. Glezer, and M.G. Allen, "Cooling performance of micromachined self-oscillating reed actuators in heat transfer channels with integrated diagnostics"