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Laser Micromachining Center

The Laser Micromachining Center is managed by the MSMA research group and is located in the Van Leer building. Four laser systems - IR, CO2, Excimer, and Chemical Etcher - are currently available (see description below). Supporting equipments for sample preparation and analysis are also available. The center is open to authorized external users. We offer basic and advanced training sessions, and provide technical support. For more information, please contact us.

imageThis Resonetics Q-switched Nd:YLF laser can be operated at two different wavelengths (1047 nm or 524 nm) with a beam size at approximately 50 microns. Materials such as metals, PZT ceramics, permanent magnets, alumina, and silicon have been succesfully micromachined and used in a wide ranges of applications (microneedles, interdigitated and planar metal designs, sintered multi-layer alumina devices, metal welding, silicon device trimming,...).

imageThe Gravograph LS-500XL CO2 laser produces a beam of infrared light with its principal wavelength centering around 10.6 microns. The typical beam size is approximately 200 microns, and the working area is 18 x 12 inches. Materials such as polymers (acrylic, polyester, mylar, parylene, PMMA, PLA...), quartz, fused silica, organics (wood, fabric,...) are suitable for laser machining with material thicknesses ranging from 0.05 to 10 mm.

imageThe KrF Excimer laser has a beam wavelength at 248 nm and a variable beam size between 5 and 1000 microns. The laser ablation is done through chemical interactions. Materials such as kapton, parylene, collagen, elastin, liquid-crystal polymer, and SU-8 have been successfully micro-patterned. Material patterning onto non-planar three-dimensional structures (micro-trenches inside silicon wafers, polymer pillars) has also been performed.

imageThe laser chemical etcher is a brand-new tool. This laser is mainly dedicated to micro-pattern fine features in silicon wafers.